Tango by Juliana Maggioli

From Brazil, Juliana Maggioli considers Buenos Aires her second home after having studied tango there for 15 years, with both contemporary and old-school "maestros." She has participated in many festivals in Argentina, Brazil, Europe and Asia in recent years, working with such partners as Maximiliano Cristiani, Pablo Rodriguez, Csongor Kicsi. With Enrique de Fazio, one of the Hermanos Macana, at the IXth Congreso de Cultura Latina in Brazil. Juliana is Tango Academy Brasil owner and organizer, wich brings to Brazil a pretty selective casting such as Noelia Hurtado, Javier Rodriguez and Moira Castellano, while keeping alive her tango community promoting her Mucho Tango Milonga in São Paulo. “Academy” was choose as the perfect name she considers to her didactic method which has developed hundreds of students in more than 13 year, some of them also tango professionals nowadays. Going deeply to the leaders technique role, the last 5 years she has been studying the Old Style School secrets (viejos milongueros) and Narrative to musicality interpretation in Tango. Known for her ornaments and a specialist in women's technique workshops, Juliana has experience into show tango world, though she still believes the milonga is where the real tango lives. Juliana was the featured guest for the first three years of Tanguerafest in Montreal. Her last tour last 3 months teaching in South East Asia including Thailand Tango Festival in 2019.

Troilo with Pablo Rodriguez, São Paulo 2019

Pugliese with Csongor Kicsi, Budapest 2016

Tigre Viejo with Maximiliano Cristiano, Buenos Aires 2015

Pugliese with Enrique Macana, Latin Congress 2015

After Class with Lautaro Peyrelongue, São Paulo 2018

Pugliese with Hernán Alvarez Prieto, São Paulo 2019

Troilo with Andres Molina, Salón Canning Buenos Aires 2011

Milonga with Maximiliano Cristiani, Buenos Aires 2015

Vals with Kleber Queiroz, La Baldosa Buenos Aires 2011

Di Sarli with Pablo Rodriguez, England 2015

Vieja Guardia Studies, São Paulo 2018

Milonga with Pipe Zarzar, Chile 2019

L. Federico, studies at Tango Academy, São Paulo 2019

Vals with Brenno Marques, Tango Congress SP 2012

Practicing leading in high heels, Singapore 2019